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Technology in Music and Art in the Twenty-First Century

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Immersive Art and Theater in the Twenty-First Century

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The first finding is that the use of the term curating often seems to be used as a rhetorical marker to flag that the approach to organizing is based on some kind of theme, and therefore rather than operating within one single artistic tradition, is willing to engage with any related artistic discipline. 

It is also commonly associated with references to the visual and performing arts in this respect, and to practices that engage or navigate through multiple fields. An observed emphasis on experiments with concert staging, creating alternatives to established forms, relationships between various forms of knowledge, and by extension often also political considerations, means that curating is connot ated with a renewed emphasis on the relationship between contemporary music and society, and a break in some form with the status quo.

A second finding is that an implicit understanding of the curator as a person who experiments with the design of the concert setting and format, similar to the concept of concert dramaturgy, emergences frequently. Interesting about this aspect of the understanding of curating in music is that it is related to a very specific profile of the curator in the visual arts, whereby a star curator turns the organization of the exhibition and its mediation into a quasi-artistic practice and as a form of authorship.

The lack of substantive scholarly reflections on the concept of curating in musical practice, in the neighbouring areas of dance, theater, and performance, significant reflection on the role of the performance curator has existed for several years from multiple practitioners, and can help shed further light on the current understanding of curatorial practice in the performing arts.

Experimental Curatorial Practice:  

Choreographed Exhibition

Theatrical Exhibition 

Concert Exhibition


A show, could happen in opera and theater houses, as well as in museums. different aesthetic conceptions confront are presented in confrontation with each other.

All forms of theater for which music plays constitutive role. Those genres which fall under this term include opera, operetta and the musical, in addition to a spectrum of diverse genres like new music theater, experimental music theater, instrumental theater, staged concerts, concert installations, musical performance and so forth. Matthias Rebstock: ''these relationships between movement, sound, performing, etc. all be fluid, and thus at best renegotiated with each new performance, based on what is for the entire group the most appropriate and interesting way of composing them all together. ''