Born in China, July 4th 1988.

Resident of Vienna (Austria) since 2005.

Founder and Artistic Director of Festival M.A.R.S.,has initiated Studio M.A.R.S. 



First piano lesson at the age of 6.

2003  Conservatory of Music Shanghai

Piano studies with DongMei Liu, music theory and composition with LiFei Yü. 

2004 - 2008  Vienna Conservatory

Piano studies with Laszlo Gereb and Alexandra Hermentin.

2008 - 2010  Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna

Piano studies under Gerhard Geretschläger.

2007 - 2010  Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna

BA Composition under Christian Minkowitsch. 

Graduated with highest honors. 

2010 - 2014  Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna

MA Composition under Wolfgang Liebhart.

Graduated with highest honors.

2009 - 2014  University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

Composition studies up to the Master’s level under Prof. Clemens Gadenstätter.

2011 - 2013  University of Applied Arts Vienna

Stage & Film Design.

2012   SAE Institute Vienna

Film/Video Making & Visual Design.

2015 – 2019  University of California, San Diego U.S.A.

Ph.D. in Music Composition.

Teaching Experiences

  • Teaching Assistant at University of California, San Diego (2015-2018):

Music Theory

Contemporary Music 

Music of 21st Century


  • Lectures and Master Classes at Universitas Pelita Harapan Jakarta, Indonesia:

Contemporary Music and Composition


  • Workshop and Talks at Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium:

Contemporary Music and Arts

  • Mentor of SEWEM European Women Music Program 2022/2023



  • A Case Study of Interactive Multimedia Performance: Monster, and An Introduction of Interactive Music Composition 

Master’s thesis at Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, Austria. Published by Akademia Verlag Germany, 2014.


  • Holographic Reality: What You See is Not What You Get

  • Technology in Music and Art in the Twenty-First Century

  • Immersive Art and Theater in the Twenty-First Century

Three research topics for the Doctor of Philosophy Qualification Exam at University of California, San Diego (USA), 2018.



  • Startsstipendium für Komposition 2022 Austria (Bundesministerium Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport).

  • Arbeitsstipendium Musik Stadt Wien 2022.

  • Residency at Festival d'Aix-en-Provence 2022.

  • Staatsstipendium für Komposition 2021 Austria (Bundesministerium Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport).

  • Fellowship of European Music Accelerator Program from Creative Europe 2021. 

  • Third Prize at the 5th International Composer’s Competition New Note Croatia 2016.

  • Förderungspreis für Musik from the City of Vienna for 2015. This prize is awarded annually to two composers in appreciation for their achievements in composition.

  • Ö1 Talentebörse-Kompositionspreis Austria, 2012, work publication by Universal Edition (UE).

  • First prize at the “5th international composition competition Francisco Escudero” 2012, Penumbras publication by Primera Edicion Spain.

  • Fidelio International Competition Vienna, 2012 – Category: Individual Creation.

  • Theodor Körner Fonds 2010,Category: Music Composition, under the patronage of the Austrian President Dr.Heinz Fischer.

  • Josef Trattner International Composition Competition Vienna, 2009.​

Commissions & Performances

Ensemble Intercontemporain (France)

Intenational Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

Ensemble Musikfabrik (Germany)

Ensemble Recherche (Germany)

Surplus Ensemble (Germany)

Ensemble Garage (Germany)

Österreichische Ensemble für Neue Musik (Austria)

Phace Ensemble (Austria)

Ensemble Reconsil (Austria)

China Radio Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Contemporary Orchestra 

KRKA Wind Orchestra (Slovenia)

Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra

Thelema Trio (Belgium)

Trio Fidelio (Austria)

Asian Contemporary Ensemble (Singapore)

Asian Art Ensemble (Germany)

Ensemble Platypus (Austria)

Signum Saxophone Quartet (Germany)

Das Kleines Trio (Poland)

Duo Aliada (Austria)



La Biennale di Venezia

Ars Electronica Festival

Wien Modern 

Expo Shanghai

Athens Digital Arts Festival

ManiFeste IRCAM, Paris 

Steirische Herbst Musikprotokoll Austria

ZeitRäume Basel:Bienalle für Musik und Architektur 

Biennale Taschenopernfestival Salzburg 

Festival Mixtur Barcelona 

Crossings for contemporary music and dance, Johannesburg.

Stockholm Fringe Fest (Stoff)

Festival EXPAN

Dimanche Rouge Paris 

International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) Ljubljana

Herne Hill Music Festival London

Atlantic Music Festival US

Komponisten-Marathon (Austrian Festival for Young Contemporary Music)

Jeunesse  Vienna 'Podium young artists’

Music-Festival Grafenegg (with percussion soloist David Cossion, under the conduction of Tan Dun)

Hörfest (Austrian Festival for Contemporary Music)

Chamber music Days at Robert Schumann School of Music and Media in Düsseldorf Germany

New_Air Festival Vienna

Artistic Statement

For the past 10 years I have been active in academic education, as well as involved in the contemporary music scene. As I have grown as a musician and composer, I have become increasingly interested in exploring other creative outlets: multimedia works, stage design, directing film projects, and collaborating with visual artists. I have been seeking to develop unique works that feature a vivid and contemporary translation of multidisciplinary art forms by utilizing advanced technology. 

I believe that music, art, and science should come together to accomplish what one field alone cannot: to convey ideas and inspire changes in mindset, attitudes and behaviors that will lead to a better, more open human understanding on different levels and areas. 

My interests and experimental research-based practices currently deal with quantum physics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, consciousness and future humanity. I am currently working on exploring expanded new operatic form, which incorporates technology to create a larger form of immersive non-linear music theater. Particularly experimenting with parallel timelines and mixed realities.