M.A.R.S. is a global music and arts community, aims to connect musicians, artists, theater professionals, designers, scientists, researchers and technology engineers all together.
M.A.R.S. has incubated the international festival for music and arts: Festival M.A.R.S. (Music & Arts ReSound); the multidisciplinary collective Studio M.A.R.S. (Music Art Research Science); and planning for the Metaverse Museum M.A.R.S. in the near future.


FESTIVAL M.A.R.S.(Music & Arts ReSound)


In 2017, Wen founded international multidisciplinary Festival M.A.R.S.(Music&Arts ReSound) in Los Angeles. Since then, Festival M.A.R.S. has invited more than 100 musicians, composers and artists to participate, including: International Contemporary Ensemble(ICE), Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble Pamplemousse, Tiffany Trenda, Dosshaus, Jay Mark Johnson, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, and etc. In 2019, Festival M.A.R.S. involved scientists, philosophers and visual technology groups to explore a new vision of humankind and the future, and to create a new experience which mixing experimental theater, performance, concert and exhibition with advanced visual technology.

Festival M.A.R.S. (Music & Arts ReSound) was created with the goal of merging contemporary music, arts and science into new forms, and to create, explore, and produce performances by coalescing various disciplines to create a pathway for a better understanding of our current position and future possibilities. With the target of creating platforms for internationally established musicians and artists of all kinds to promote their work and open new perspectives on seeing music through cross-artistic pairings. Music, art, and science should come together to accomplish what one field alone cannot: to convey ideas and inspire changes in mindset, attitudes and behaviors that will lead to a better, more open human understanding on different levels and areas. As science seeks to better our understanding of the world, music and art allow us to express how our rapidly evolving reality acts us as humans, this is the mission of M.A.R.S.: To explore this new vision by combining science and technology with the expression of music and art.
These carefully curated and hand-picked events expand musical imagination by blurring the borders between music and other applied arts. Artists involved will choose a concept and theme that will govern their collaborative process, and foster a wider array of interests for audiences than those of an usual contemporary music festival.


Festival M.A.R.S. has been featured in: LA Times, LA Weekly, We Like LA, LA Daily News, Whittier Daily News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star, Vents Magazine, Downtown LA, InSideSoCal, Artillery, Happening in DTLA, LA Downtown News, DoLA, Discover Los Angeles, 89.3 KPCC, 93.1 JACK FM, Art and Cake LA, Cartwheel Magazine, CBS Los Angeles, New Classic LA, LA Independent Creative, Classical Concerts in LA, KUSC Arts Alive, Downtown Weekly, KCRW, IAA USA.

“A full weekend of boundary-blurring, futuristic applied technology”, ”neither an art show nor a concert but something greater than the sum of its parts”. - LA Weekly

“In the future, concert festivals might look something like M.A.R.S.” - LA Daily News

“An extensive and immersive experience.” - Art and Cake LA

















STUDIO M.A.R.S.(Music Art Research Science)


In 2020, Wen has initiated the Studio M.A.R.S. (Music Art Research Science), a multidisciplinary collective specialising in the synthesis of music, art, theater, design, science, and technology.

From concept to production, Studio M.A.R.S. works together with international artists, curators, designers, engineers, scientists, and researchers, to create works that offer a better understanding of our current and future positions in society and culture. 

By creating connections and collaborations, sharing knowledge and ideas, encouraging critical thinking, creativity; and innovation, Studio M.A.R.S. is dedicated to the inquiry of art, design, science, technology, and their influence on global contemporary attitudes.

Studio M.A.R.S. unites a group of internationally established professionals from different fields, such as music composition, opera and theater dramaturgy, stage design, cinematography, interactive installation design, immersive projection mapping, live VR, AI and machine learning, game design, and modern science. 


Studio M.A.R.S. specialises in innovative multimedia storytelling and immersive music theater design, pioneering new forms of performances featuring deep integration of science and technology, to create new experiences across disciplines.


With strong expertise in contemporary music, visual art, theater, new media and science, Studio M.A.R.S. is currently focusing on exploring cutting-edge multimedia theater forms, which incorporate audio-visual installations, interactive projections and music performances, to create a larger form of immersive non-linear walk-through music theater that pushes the boundaries of the form by connecting multi-sensory technology and human perceptions. 

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