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Contemporary Creator


Multimedia Artist



Wen Liu hat ein Gespür für die Mikrostruktur der Klänge und die Fähigkeit, das in größere formale Zusammenhänge zu binden. Sie verbindet instrumentale und vokale Gesten zu einer individuellen Musiksprache und hat ein starkes Klangbewusstsein.

Wen Liu has an intuition for the microstructure of sounds and the skill to integrate these insights to create larger formal patterns. She combines instrumental and vocal gestures to build an individual musical language and has a strong sensibility for sounds.

- Ö1 Talentebörse-Kompositionspreis Jury Comment

Immersive Multimedia Theater 

(Ph.D. Research)

Technology in Music and Art in the Twenty-First Century

(Ph.D. Research) 

Immersive Art and Theater in the Twenty-First Century

(Ph.D. Research)

Participatory Music Theater with VR/AR/XR & AI

(Current Artistic Research and Project)


Multidisciplinary Storytelling; Narrative, Media and Cognition

Participatory Gaming Structure within Music Theater

AI Music & Audiovisual Installation Design

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